From Elizabeth Ashford

Alex Douglas
Wednesday 5 May 2021

Katherine was a truly wonderful human being, who had a heart of pure gold.  She was astonishingly kind and generous.  She was a brilliant philosopher but had not a trace of ego, and was devoted to fostering others’ research and flourishing.  She was inspirational in every way.  She was a role model to those of us lucky enough to be her friends and colleagues, and instantiated the very best academia could be – a truly cooperative endeavour, guided by what Alex Douglas has aptly called her ‘moral brilliance’.  She was also a rock, who made everyone feel safe.

In dealing with her own terminal illness she was incredibly courageous, and remained completely focused on those around her.  In my last conversations with her the only regret she expressed was how hard the situation was on her husband.

She will be so sorely missed.  But her inspiration and example will remain a key part of the lives of all those who were blessed to know her.

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